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Your community

The Kubblee community is all about sharing ideas, techniques, and results.

For Learners  Whether you're in work-based learning, completing professional development, at college, university, or just learning something new for fun, we can help you get better results.

By joining our community you'll find out how to tap into your amazing talents and apply them to your studies,  to help  you to achieve your goals. Share your ideas with others, and find out their successful strategies and experiences.

For Educators  We know you are busy and have limited resources.  Our student-centred materials will empower and enable your learners to study in the most efficient way, while building their confidence in their own abilities and judgement.  Strategies designed for neurodiverse learners work for everyone - we put the hours into designing materials that work across the board, so all your students can benefit. Our goal is the same a yours: to  see positive, happy and successful learners moving forward in their lives with confidence.


Join our community as an educator, to keep up to date with new materials and developments. Share your ideas, or point your students in our direction.  Tell us what you need - we're here to help!

For Employers and in-house HR  Businesses that embrace neurodiversity in their workforce deliver greater success. No two people learn the same way. It can be difficult for in-house training and professional development to know how to train and support their workforce in a cost-effective way, while also improving productivity and the bottom line. Consult us on services we can offer your company, and ways you can improve your workforce training.

Our role is to provide the resources and support you need to achieve your goals.  We learn by listening, so share your story with us!

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